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Panic in Santana Land 10/17/2001
photo: Adam

Carlos & Michelle Branch play “The Game of Love” in Los Angeles (10/12/02) 10/12/2002
photo: A. Fells

Mason Rufner jams with the Band in Oslo, Norway (8/30/03) 8/30/2003
photo: A. Fells

Marc Anthony - " I'm Not Worthy!" 6/14/2008
photo: Kit Noble

Andy, Myron Karl & Tony jam out in a music store in New Plymouth, New Zealand (3/21/03) 3/21/2003
photo: A. Fells

Stage Shot 2/27/2014
photo: Chad Tasky

Carlos 1/9/2001
photo: NSB

Andy and Anthony 8/4/2006
photo: Ken Friedman