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Karl bangs on a road case during a backstage rehearsal. (6/16/08) 6/16/2008
photo: Gary Rashid

Carlos in CT 5/25/2014
photo: Chad Tasky

Chad Kroeger sits in Vancouver, B.C (11/14/03) 11/14/2003
photo: Hal Miller

Armando and Herbie 7/8/2006
photo: Hal Miller

Carlos House of Blues 1/15/2014
photo: Libby Fabro

Fan, Karl Perazzo, Dennis Chambers, Andy Vargas, Freddie Ravel group shot during the Santana Guitar Hero 5 Challenge at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, NV 9/10/2009

Carlos, Michelle Branch and Lionel Richie backstage in Vienna, Austria (12/6/02) 12/6/2002
photo: A. Fells

Tommy & Kristen Anthony rock out in Seminole, FL (4/30/08) 4/30/2008
photo: Hal Miller