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The Band that checks email together, stays together (6/22/05) 1/1/1900
photo: Skip

Pepe Jimenez 5/3/2014
photo: Chad Tasky

A very special cake at Jones Beach 7/24/2012
photo: Hal Miller

Derek Trucks jams with Karl in Quebec (4/14/08) 4/14/2008
photo: Hal Miller

Carlos and Taj Mahal 7/9/2006
photo: Hal Miller

Dennis & Herbie in Yokohama, Japan 7/25/2005

Steve Winwood at “Hymns” Sound check (7/15/04) 7/15/2004
photo: Hal Miller

Carlos & Jeff in Ontario (4/17/08) 4/17/2008
photo: Hal Miller