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Paul Reed Smith showing Carlos some guitars 9/23/2009
photo: Adam Fells

Benny Wembley Arena 7/20/2013
photo: Libby Fabro

Karl flexes his muscles in front of the Opera House in Sydney, Australia (3/25/03) 3/25/2003
photo: A. Fells

Jeff Beck, Buddy & Carlos back stage at the Cotton Bowl (6/6/04) 6/6/2004
photo: A. Fells

Chester in the moment at MSG in NYC. 6/15/2005
photo: Hal Miller

Carlos Jams with the Wailers in Charlotte, NC (March 30, 2002) 3/30/2002
photo: Adam

Carlos and Taj Mahal 7/9/2006
photo: Hal Miller

Chad Kroeger sits in Vancouver, B.C (11/14/03) 11/14/2003
photo: Hal Miller