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Karl & Carlos (Birthday) – 04/08/2005 4/8/2005

PRS 1 1/22/2001
photo: Adam

Carlos & Hal Miller on the Ferry boat in Sydney, Australia (3/26/03) 3/26/2003
photo: A. Fells

Karl and Fans at the Fan Club Party in LA (10/3/08) 10/3/2008
photo: D. deSerpa

Cruising on Lake Zurich (6/2/02) 6/2/2002
photo: Andy Vargas

Tommy Anthony on stage in Budapest (6/28/08) 6/28/2008
photo: Gary Rashid

Fher Olvera & Andy Vargas backstage at the LARAS Person of the Year Award Ceremony in Los Angeles, CA (8/30/04) 8/30/2004
photo: A. Fells

Carlos Slupsk 7/4/2015
photo: Chad Tasky