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Speach In Tijuana 11/15/2000
photo: Hal Miller

Andy Vargas 7/27/2010
photo: Hal Miller

Josefina Santana (It Must Have Been the Roses) 9/29/2000
photo: Adam

CT Jams on No One To Depend On in Tampa, FL (4/27/08) 4/27/2008
photo: Hal Miller

Pat LaBarbara sits in in Toronto, ONT 6/24/2005
photo: Hal Miller

Andy Vargas & Tony Lindsay 5/25/2010
photo: Libby Fabro

Tony celebrates his Birthday in London (9/27/03) 9/27/2003
photo: Hal Miller

Armando Peraza gives a speech at the LP booth in NAMM (1/16/03) 1/16/2003
photo: A. Fells