‘Autlan’s Favorite Son’

On February 27, 2001 the City of Autlan, Mexico honored Carlos Santana. The day started with Carlos & his family traveling back to Autlan, his place of birth, where he was presented the “Keys to the City” and named the “Favorite Son of Autlan”. After a brief press conference, Carlos met with many of the children in the town. Later that day the family attended the inauguration of the Carlos Santana Street complete with a guitar shaped plaque at the street entrance. After a late lunch the Inauguration of the Carlos Santana Square commenced with a life sized statue of Carlos & a bust of his father José Santana. Then to the delight of thousands of fans who attended the day’s activities Carlos played 4 songs with the help of his friends in Maña. They played Samba Pa Ti, Oye Como Va, Corazon Espinado -) Soul Sacrifice & a popular Maña song. It was a beautiful day, where old friends & family came together to honor Carlos & everything that he represents to Mexico.

To see photos from this historic visit to Mexico, please click here.