Carlos Encourages You to Check Out a New Film Produced by Benjamin/Peter Bratt, La Mission!

Carlos encourages you to check out a new film, produced by Benjamin and Peter Bratt, entitled La Mission which takes a deeper look into Urban Latino communities, patriarchal pride and growing up in the Mission District in San Francisco.

The main character “Che” is a reformed bad boy of the street, who at middle age, finds beauty building classic low rider cars. His son “Jess”, and the friends he’s had since childhood, are at the center of his world. In many ways, Che personifies the dominant patriarchal culture that surrounds him, and like that culture, is at the threshold of great change. He is faced with a choice: maintain old habits and attitudes, OR adapt, grow and mature. In order to make this choice, Che is forced to stretch beyond his comfort zone; and it’s only from this place that he discovers what might be at stake if he doesn’t chose wisely.

More information and the trailer is available at: