Santana Fan Club and Online Ticket Sales

It has come to our attention that some fans are sharing the password to the Inner Sanctum with people who are not members of the Santana Fan Club. We also see an increase of people selling ”Fan Club” tickets on eBay and other websites. We are very alarmed and disappointed with the few fans that seem to be taking advantage of our system. We feel that we are not asking much for a lifetime enrollment; only $25.00 to join and you get access to tickets, great contests, newsletters and other special promotions. We are constantly brainstorming and developing new ideas on how we can make things better for our fans and we always take the time to read your emails and suggestions. Please honor our guidelines or we may be forced to rethink our policies, especially when it comes to online ticket purchases.

We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you at the shows!

Peace, Light, Love & Joy – Santana Management