Santana Fan Club Party Review (10/3/08) – Photos Now in Photo Gallery!

The 2008 Santana Fan Club Party at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles was a tremendous success. It was great to meet new friends and see so many familiar faces all come together before the show to share their favorite Santana memories and get to know one another.  Many of the Santana Band members made special appearances and chatted with the fans at the party.  Special congratulations go out to Eddie & Irene Valencia who won the Santana Fly Away Contest and were flown from Arizona, put up in a swanky downtown hotel, attended the party & show and then met with Carlos after the show. Other winners included:

•    Mity Tellez & Noeloe Marin each won a Santana 40th Anniversary Banner
•    Linda Cerda won the $100 MusicToday store gift card
•    Robert Cardenas won the Dennis Chamber’s drum head signed by Carlos & the Santana band
•    Mitchell Brigil won the Ipod 3G
•    Mark Peeble won the LP limited edition Supernatural Bongos signed by Carlos
•    Harold Oakley won PRS Santana MD Guitar signed by Carlos.
•    Joseph Calderon and guests won the after show meet & greet with Carlos

We look forward to the 2009 Fan Club events and contests. We want to thank all of the fans for all of their support throughout all of the years! Special thanks to Marco at Music Today and the Nokia Theatre staff.

Your photos will forever be in the Santana Photo Gallery and can be found at the following links. Be sure to check out the tour photos while you are in the photo gallery. You can view photos by date or at random.
In addition, if you would like to purchase one of the photos, we added all of the photos from the party into a Shutterfly site that you may access and use to your liking.