Santana on A&E’s Live By Request on Friday, October 18th (Vote Now!)

Carlos and the Band will appear on A&E’s Live By Request on October 18th. The show will air live from Sony Music Studios in New York. During the program, Carlos will take song requests via a special 800-telephone number. Watch for a special phone number during the show or go to and email song requests and post messages. On the left on side of the page there is a “Make a Request” section where you can request a song and write a personal message for Carlos. We will collect those emails, and those that come in during the live show, and select several to be read on the air.

Rob Thomas, Michelle Branch and The Product G&B will be on hand to perform on the special. Additional information about the show and Santana will also be available at , which will also hotlink to the live webcast. The show will also be simulcast over the Jones Radio network where listeners will hear the show in its entirety in stereo. A&E’s Live By Request Two-Hour World Premiere Airs Live From New York at 9-11 PM ET / 6-8 PM PT with encores Sunday, November 27, 12-2pm ET/PT).