Santana Teams Up with Headcount to Encourage You to Vote in the 2004 US Presidential Election

Santana Management encourages our fans to vote in the 2004 Presidential election. We have joined forces with HeadCount, a non–profit organization that encourages fans of live music” to get active, use their voice, and more importantly their vote to make a difference in the upcoming election. Headcount’s message is clear; “We are not telling anybody how to vote, but merely are encouraging music fans to participate in the political process.” HeadCount’s goal is to register 100,000 voters before the 2004 election through different activities, including tables at concerts this summer. Headcount will have a table at the Santana concerts at the Warfield and Greek Theatre shows this summer.

Another strategy HeadCount is planning to use is to e-mail those who have registered to vote through HeadCount. Every voter who registers is asked to sign up for the HeadCount e-mail list. The e-mail will serve two purposes: first, to follow up on the registration and remind the person to vote; second, the e-mail will contain audio and video public announcements featuring prominent bands that HeadCount will be touring with. Those who receive the e-mail will be encouraged to forward it to others, an effort to inspire recipients to also register to vote.

Another way that HeadCount is getting the word out is through its Partner Program. The Partner Program enables regional up-and-coming bands, promoters and venues to receive materials that can be used to register people to vote at their shows. Those who partner with HeadCount will be listed on the HeadCount Web site.

We encourage you to take the time and register to vote in the next US election. Please visit to register.