Voices of Latin Rock with Forward by Carlos Santana

“Voices of Latin Rock – Music From The Streets” is a brand new book that chronicles the Latin Rock Music Scene of the sixties and seventies in the San Francisco Bay Area as told by the people that created it.  The forward, in Carlos’ own words, describes the impact Santana had on the scene and the amazing music that was created in the Bay Area during that period.  The book will be available on November 23, 2004 in most major bookstores.

The book release party will take place at Bimbos 365 club in San Francisco’s North Beach on Thursday, November 8, 2004.  Performers will include Greg Errico, Bobby Vega, Gabe Manzo, Tony Menjivar, Gibby Ross, Herman Eberitsch, Joe Ellis, Tom Poole, Mic Gillett, Lydia Pense, Arcelio Garcia (Malo), Linda Tillery, Abel Sanchez & Jorge Santana.  In addition, Delores Huerta will be on hand to speak about the music and Bay Area.

For more information please visit Voices of Latin