Bay Area Santana Concert to Benefit Deborah and Carlos’ Milagro Foundation

On Sunday October 16, 2005 at the Chronicle Pavilion in Concord, CA, the Santana Band will perform their first benefit concert for the Milagro Foundation.

Milagro means “miracle.” Deborah and Carlos Santana believe that children are divine miracles of light and hope for the world. Milagro focuses on serving at-risk, underrepresented  and disadvantaged youth through educational programs and health services.  Milagro also supports artistic and culturally enriching programs that strengthen youth and communities.

Since October 1998, the Milagro Foundation has supported youth in 31 states and 27 countries. The Milagro Foundation has made grants of nearly $2,000,000 to more than 260 agencies around the world.

Deborah and Carlos Santana and the Milagro Foundation are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children.  The Santanas believe that life is a miracle (milagro) and that children everywhere deserve the opportunity to lead safe, healthy and educationally creative lives.

Tickets for this Milagro Benefit concert are available to Fan Club members through the Inner Sanctum and to the general public through Ticketmaster. All proceeds from the Concord Concert will benefit the children of the Milagro Foundation.