Carlos’ Interview with Relix

In the September/October issue of Relix magazine, contributing editor Richard B. Simon profiles guitar hero Carlos Santana (page 60), whose new album and third installment in the Supernatural series will be released in November. Simon traces Santana’s rise from the strip clubs of Tijuana to the stage of Woodstock to the award podium at the Grammy Awards and beyond.

Santana is remarkably candid, and reflects upon the many musical left turns that have dotted his grit-to-glory career: “Once people like you they want to chain you into, like, ‘Why can’t you be that Carlos anymore?’ That guy’s dead, you know? I die every day, man. I’m born every day.”

The article goes on to explain Carlos Santana’s vision: He sees music as a means to heal the world. And he sees getting on the radio as a way to spread the word. “I made a conscious decision to play music not necessarily for musicians or hippies,” he says. “I wanted to play for people, period. Grandparents, parents, teenagers and little children. That’s how I see Santana. It just happens that hippies come along. Straight people come along. Guys with green mohawk hair— they’re all in it now.”

The September/October issue of Relix is on newsstands now.

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