The Legendary Carlos Santana Returns to his Musical Roots in San Francisco’s Mission District to Present the Next Generation of Santana Music

Music enthusiasts around the world are eagerly anticipating the release of “Energía,” a highly anticipated collaboration between iconic Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Carlos Santana, his talented son Salvador Santana, and nephew Jose Santana. The much-anticipated single is scheduled to drop on July 14, 2023, and will be made available through GT Digital Distribution.

Watch the video HERE.

“Carlos Santana’s Energía” showcases the immense musical prowess of generations of the Santana family, blending their unique styles and delivering a powerful musical experience. The fusion of Carlos Santana’s masterful guitar work, Salvador Santana’s captivating writing and production skills, and Jose Santana’s dynamic hip hop and lyrical contributions, resulted in a song that is bound to enthrall audiences worldwide.

Executive produced by Julio “Goldtoes” Sanchez and David Richardson, produced by Golden Eye with further additions by Piero Infante and Orlando Torriente, “Energía” promises to be a transformative musical journey. With their immense experience and keen eye for talent, Sanchez and Richardson have carefully crafted a production that honors the Santana legacy while also pushing musical boundaries.

Having collaborated many times with his son Salvador, including the Grammy® Award-winning song, “El Farol,” Carlos Santana, a true music icon known for his unforgettable guitar riffs and soulful melodies, expressed his excitement for this project and felt that this was the perfect time to join forces with Jose and Salvador Santana to bring this masterpiece of joy to light.  

Salvador and Jose Santana, cousins, had also not had the opportunity to work a full project together before “Energia.” Jose Santana, who brings his own unique musical sensibilities to the table, commented that, “Being part of this project is an incredible honor. We’re infusing our individual experiences and influences to create something that is truly magical and connects with people on a deep spiritual and uplifting level.  We created this song to try our best to stimulate our friend David Richardson during his COVID related coma. It was about sharing and sending love and light to a long-time friend that literally woke him and saved his life. The spirit we sowed into those lyrics and that energy caused my Uncle Carlos to also be moved and compelled to create something bigger than us, and to set it free to help our community near and far feel that energy and let it heal and uplift your soul.”

“Energía” is set to make waves in the music industry, reigniting the world’s love affair with Santana’s distinctive sound. Fans and critics alike eagerly anticipate the release of this single, poised to become a timeless addition to the legendary Santana discography.

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