César E. Chávez Award

On March 28, 2001 Carlos & Deborah were presented with the UCLA César E. Chávez Spirit Award. In 2000, UCLA established the award to honor individuals who have continued to pursue César E. Chávez’s vision of social justice. There is also a scholarship fund to support student scholar activists & leaders who reflect his legacy. The award reflected Carlos & Deborah’s efforts to make a difference in the world through their work with the Milagro Foundation. The Milagro Foundation focuses on serving at-risk & disadvantaged youth through education & health programs as well as supporting artistic & culturally enriching programs in communities around the world. The ceremony included heartwarming & uplifting statements by both Carlos & Deborah as they received the award. Both were honored to carry on the spirit of what César Chávez stands for in communities around the world today.