Introducing The Carlos Santana Coffee Company

Today, we are very excited to announce the launch of the Carlos Santana Coffee Company

Our goal with the Carlos Santana Coffee Company is more than just bringing great coffee to our fans; it’s also an opportunity for you to come along our philanthropic journey. 

Throughout his life, Carlos has been committed to giving back. So, in 1998, he created the Milagro Foundation with the mission of helping young people, especially in underprivileged communities both across the globe and here in the U.S. When you make a purchase from the Carlos Santana Coffee Company, part of the proceeds go toward the Milagro Foundation. These proceeds contribute to grants for organizations that work to enrich the lives of youth, break down barriers to their success, and help end cycles of poverty.

We’re as proud of our coffee as we are of its purpose! We have partnered with fourth-generation roasters to bring you premium coffees made from the finest beans throughout the world. All of our beans are ethically and sustainably sourced, with a strong commitment to growers throughout the world. Every bag of coffee is fresh-roasted for each order to provide the richest flavor in every cup.

Our Coffee Club subscription service allows you to schedule deliveries of fresh-roasted coffee straight to your door.  Never worry about running out of coffee again, and contribute to consistent change through the Milagro Foundation.

Visit the store to learn more about the vision and browse the coffees.

We’re so excited to begin this new endeavor and have you along for the ride. Like Carlos always says, it’s time to wake up and smell the future.