Message from Deborah Regarding Copyright Protection

Dear Santana Fans and purchasers of the “All That I Am CD”:

We want you to know we have read every email telling us that the software on the new CD (put on by the record company) has hurt or damaged your computers or operating systems.  First and most importantly, Carlos has no control over whether copy protection is used on his records or what system is chosen.  We nonetheless feel an obligation to all of you and offer our apology for this entire situation.  The copy protection on “All That I Am” is not the XCP software that has been in the news, but we are urgently investigating whether the protection actually used carries any threat.

We are pressing our record company to provide us with CDs that do not contain any copy protection to replace the ones you have purchased and we are trying to get facts and answers for every one of you.

We have never been in a position where our music has caused harm – we feel extremely sad and angry that we have caused our fans distress with what we intended would bring you joy.  We will do everything in our power to remedy this unfortunate series of events.  Please keep emailing us and we will continue working to resolve this problem with the CD.


Deborah Santana