Splendiferous Liner Notes

Splendiferous Final Copy Cropped

1. Novus (featuring Plácido Domingo) –  Epic, cinematic. The maestro Placido Domingo took this song to the point of infinity, outside of time. It is a spectacular arrangement and exquisite melody as well. This is the song that brings all the walls down, the Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall and the new wall. On certain nights, playing this song live, you could feel the room ascend. (Carlos, Tommy & Karl) 

2. Eres La Luz – This is the song that we consider with accuracy, “Mystica.” It is a beautiful piece. This was on Shapeshifter, featuring Andy Vargas and Tony Lindsay on vocals. The song has several movements, which always would transport me to Mexico for the first section, Spain for the second, and then Cuba towards the end.  (Carlos & Tommy)

3. Aye Aye Aye – This one moves you whether you want to be moved or not. Let’s dance, let’s live, let’s love. This song was brought to us by Michael Shrieve. (Carlos, Tommy & Karl)                                

4. Con Santana (featuring Ismaila, Touré Kunda) – This song was brought to us by my brothers, Touré Kunda. I wake up every morning and this song is on all sides of my head – the left, right, and in the frontal lobe. The chorus won’t leave me alone. “A bailar con Santana, todo mundo vamos a disfrutar. A bailar con Santana, que mi gente le quiere celebrar.” Energy, groove, great horns, driving percussion, and a joyous chorus. (Carlos)                                   

5. Adouma – My dearest sister… Queen of Africa, Angélique Kidjo, wrote this song and reminded me that Africa is the core of what I do. This one is UNABASHEDLY AFRICA! CELEBRATE! (Carlos, Tommy & Karl) 

6. EL FUEGO – A monster in the live show. The groove was always deep; smoking horns, and a “sticky” chorus made this one infectious. I got to play the opening cuatro part every night as well, which was cool. Great time, and Benny always threw down.  (Tommy Anthony )

7. Hermes –  This is a global Carnival Caribbean song. Festive, rhythmic, and the spirit of the Dominican people propelling us.  (Carlos, Tommy & Karl) 

8. I Am Somebody (featuring – “I Am Somebody” is a song that my brother created on the spot in the studio for us. This song has the finger on the pulse of what is happening today in America.  We are yet to be united with harmony in the United States. It has a feel-good groove that is totally intoxicating, and it makes us believe that we can be one. I consider this song to be the #1 song of every summer, with vocals by!  (Carlos)       

9. Saideira (featuring Samuel Rosa) – My brother Samuel Rosa, brought us this joyous song that evokes the favela consciousness of Brazil. (Carlos)

I personally had a blast on this song in the studio. Bruising, driving rhythm track, part ska, part Santana, with Brazil’s Samuel Rosa on vocals. Tight horns, and a driving bass by Benny.   (Tommy)                          

10. Mal Bicho (featuring Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) – The Fabulosos Cadillacs and Santana…Lethal. The perfect combination of pure energy and celebration fire. (Carlos)

11. Da Tu Amor – The narrative is clear: Love, Love, Love. Tremendous vocals by Andy Vargas, and Karl, the MASTER, driving the percussion. (Tommy & Karl)  

12. Amoré (Sexo) (featuring Macy Gray) – Sister Macy Gray blessed us with her heart’s delight.  A driving, rhythmical mashup between Africa, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the streets of Canton. (Carlos, Tommy & Karl)  

13. You Are My Kind (featuring Seal) – Rob Thomas wrote this song and soulful brother Seal took it to the moon and back.  (Carlos)

 14. Into the Night (featuring Chad Kroeger)- For a good while we ended our shows with this one. A special memory for me is Carlos having my daughter, eight years old at the time, come up and play tambourine on this song with us in front of 12,000 people. One of several times he has extended this kind gesture to my kids. Anyway, it’s an anthem that bridges the angels and humans sharing together! Much respect to Nickelback’s Chad Kroger and his vocal performance. (Tommy and Carlos)

15. Cry Baby Cry (featuring Sean Paul, Joss Stone) – Evokes the echoes of Jamaica, Tobago, Antigua and Trinidad. The colors of the street and the sounds and smells from the Caribbean. Sean Paul, the soulful Joss Stone, the blues, and a wicked mood. Deadly.   

16. Twisted (featuring Anthony Hamilton) – Maaaaaaaan….A wonderous groove, a soulful, melodic vocal performance by Anthony Hamilton and all the elements that make for a Classic Santana song. We toured with Anthony for a while and it was WICKED. (Tommy)

17. Nothing At All (featuring Musiq) – Brother Musiq evoked a most heartfelt, spellbinding performance taking this song to a place of personal passion. (Carlos)

18. Sideways (featuring Citizen Cope) – Citizen Cope is the global street troubadour and this song is the perfect blend of blues and sex. This was a very different track for us. Mild percussion, solid straight 4/4, strings, old school blues with a modern twist. Always the blues, always the blues. (Carlos, Tommy & Karl)  

19. Hoy Es Adios (featuring Alejandro Lerner) – I absolutely love this song by my brother, Alejandro Lerner, who is a terrific writer, singer, and musician. This song reminds me of all of those who crossed the borders to get to America through the desert and the mountains with no guarantee that they will go back to their family. A gift from Argentina. We were blessed to have this collaboration with him. (Carlos & Tommy)

20. Amor Correspondido (featuring Diego Torres) – This song reminds me of being in the streets of Laredo, El Paso, Juarez, Tijuana, and Nogales. The song brings to mind a beautiful synthesis vision of a truck stop restaurant and lovers from both borders joining together. 7+ million views on YouTube has to mean something. (Carlos & Tommy)

21. Yo Me Lo Merezco (featuring Buika) – this song reminds me of those western spaghetti movies like “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It captures the western feel of the desert and horses as it mounts into this most climatic exhilarating energy. (Carlos)

From the Africa Speaks sessions. This was a song Carlos found on a rare African collection, which Carlos re-interpreted. We had been burning it for a good while live, and then Buika brought her magic to it. (Tommy & Karl)

22. Trinity (featuring Kirk Hammett) – Brothers Kirk Hammett, Robert Randolph, and I took this song beyond Star Wars cantina. The perfect combination of galactic and down to earth adventure. (Carlos)

23. The Game of Love (featuring Tina Turner) – Queen of Queens, Tina Turner blessed us with her imperial version of this Greg Alexander and Rick Knowles song. We are happy to share with you this version, which gives me chills every time I hear it. (Carlos )   

24. Beijo de Longe (featuring Gloria Estefan)- Maaaaaaaaaan… sexy, sexy, sexy!!  I can say this one resonated with me personally. I had the privilege and honor of being with Gloria Estefan for ten years before Carlos welcomed me to his family and musical home. Sixteen years later (!), working with both of them together on this song was a highlight for me. Good to see Emilio again too, who still insists that he is only “lending” me to Carlos. Ha ha ha ha. (Tommy)

25. Margarita (featuring Romeo Santos) – This is a feel good tune with the great Romeo Santos, doing his thing. He sold out Yankee Stadium three nights in a row – a testament of his immense popularity.  (Carlos, Tommy & Karl)

26. Brown Skin Girl (featuring Bo Bice) – This is Americana; Midwest music that connects us to the heartland. Bo Bice’s vocals brings it home.  (Carlos) 

27. Just Feel Better (featuring Steven Tyler) – This is a song of healing that resonates with so many people all with different reasons. The lyrics give hope when things feel hopeless. My guitar soars around Steven Tyler’s voice and he has never been more believable from the heart when he sings, “Part of me says let it go, everything must have it seasons, round and round it goes, and every day’s a one before. But this time this time, I’m gonna try anything that just feels better.”  This is an important song for healing and finding light in the darkness. (Carlos)

 28. La Flaca (featuring Juanes) – We are most grateful for the writer of the song, Pao Dones. Every time we do this song, I envision John Lee Hooker by my side, and it makes me feel true to the blues. (Carlos) 

Colombia and the 305 represented again, this time with Juanes!  This song was another of the Lester Mendes sessions and a very, very funky track.  (Tommy)

29. Candombe Cumbele (featuring Buika) – conjures a spiritual ceremony of divine voodoo, creating a perfect photosynthesis of heart imploration and prayer.  (Carlos)

30. Victory Is Won – Was birthed the instant I heard Reverend Desmond Tutu describing an event. He said the oppressor had his knee on our throat and we looked up to see his eyes and we said to him, “we already won, you already lost, you just don’t know it…Victory is won.”  (Carlos)