A Message From Sony BMG Music Entertainment

You may have heard about the issues surrounding the MediaMax v.5 copy protection software on “All That I Am”. This copy protection software is not the XCP software that was the main focus of news reports. Also, the software on the “All That I Am” CD has no effect on conventional CD or DVD players. On anything other than a Windows computer (like Macs), “All That I Am” can be played without even using the MediaMax software.  But if you are concerned about playing the “All That I Am” CD on your computer or if you previously downloaded the MediaMax software onto your Windows computer, you can go to and download utilities either to update the MediaMax v.5 software in a way that eliminates a potential Windows security vulnerability or to completely uninstall the software. By the way, updating or uninstalling the software will not delete or affect the use of “All That I Am” audio files you may have previously transferred to your computer’s hard drive. Those remain completely playable.

As you can see from the homepage of the website, the site was established to provide information about a proposed class action settlement involving the company and to facilitate the filing of on-line claims by class members.  Under the settlement, any person who bought, received or used an “All That I Am” CD (among others) is eligible to file a claim and receive both a free MP3 download of “All That I Am” and an additional free album download from the long list of titles at  Information on how to file a claim is available at the website; on the homepage just click on “Click Here to File a Claim“.  Because we want you to love and enjoy Santana’s music, we hope that the software utilities available on the website and the benefits available under the settlement will help undo any concerns you may have or any inconvenience you may have been caused, which we very much regret.

SONY BMG Music Entertainment